Monday, July 10, 2006

Yes I am still alive

though i thought a week ago that might be doubtful! I have just come through (and lived to tell about it) a six day gall bladder attack that put me into emerg at the hospital three times :(( Ya crying real tears! Though the resulting presciptions of almost every kind of good narcotic pain killer going was enough to ease up the pain somewhat, I am still somewhat disappointed that I didn't actually get to *enjoy* any of the good drugs! ROFL! So since I been sick :P I have had no urges or energy to pick up needles, hooks, or loom to work with fibre. I know it will come back to me when I am ready but it still feels weird to not *live* to create yarn items! On the other hand I have finally come back to reading! YAAAY! I haven't been much of a reader the last couple years as the yarn was my life blood, but I have got myself on a reading kick again and it feels great. I am off for my sleep now though, before i get the urge to try to eat something I shouldn't. One good thing is that at least i have finally broken the weighloss barrier and have shed a few lbs! (not eating for almost two weeks will do that though... doncha think?

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Nicole said...

Holy crap Lyz! And here I thought *I* was bad for not posting while I was up north! I'm thrilled with ya for losing weight, but sick with ya for how.