Friday, January 25, 2008

Now I've Done It

See how long it lasted? I missed a bunch of time with my posts again. Sorry I tried. Oh well I am here now, right? Well at least I have been productive with my knitting time since I haven't been on the computer hardly at all lately. I have my New Year's Socks almost finished. I am working down the foot of sock #2 now and I WILL have them finished this weekend. Good thing happening here right?
I will post a pic when they are done so therefore another post in a day or two.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

SSS Cast On

I went to Shall We Knit with Mom yesterday and got the rest of my Malabrigo for my Spring Shawl Surprise project and cast on last night. I have made a few stupid goofups already but I frogged back to the edging and redid the rows. I felt better after my little warm up of the pattern as I am preferring to call it now, and I have it going slow but sure. I am not saying that it's going to be easy sailing, that I know is such a total untruth as I have already managed an extra yo in the row I am working now and HAVE TO REMEMBER to drop it when I go back on the next row. I have worked a few rows on my Chevron Lace Socks from Get Started Knitting Socks book and I am decreasing at the gusset of sock 1 of my New Years Socks from Sockamania. Pictures to follow when I get enough on my needles to have it actually look like something.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Baby Surprise Sweater and Matching Hat

I have finished the Baby Surprise Jacket with matching hat that I started in mid December. It was a gift for my daughter's friend that had her first baby shortly after Christmas. The matching garter stitch has was of my own design and matches wonderfully.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Swatch number 1

Of the Spring Shawl Surprise project as well as the yarn I am using.

the yarn is Malibrago in colourway Jewel Blue

and this is the swatch.

Swatch number two is blocked and drying. I will get pics up of it (hopefully tomorrow)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Swatching Blocking

Ok I finished up Swatch 2 a little late, this morning not last night, but that's ok. I am a little disappointed though. The decision to move down one needle size was not a good one. Now it's a little too small. I don't like the look of the excess stretching when I was blocking it to gauge size. I will go back to the 2.5 mm needle when I cast on the 'real' shawl. Later though, or maybe tomorrow. Now I am scared to actually start it for real! LOL. I think I will go work on socks now. bye....

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nope I didn't do it

yet.... The pictures I mean. I have my camera sitting here daring me to hook it up to the puter but I just don't want to spend the time right now with it. I will do it this week, I promise. We have had our 9 yrs grandson here for a week and no, it's not that he's a handful, it actually the opposite. He's bored and we have been wracking our brains (or what's left of our brains) trying to keep him busy. We baked Grampy a belated birthday cake today! YAY! Bug's first time making cake! yes Granny MADE him make it! and I was appalled that he didn't know how already! Well we fixed that! and the cake was delicious too! He did a great job on the cake.

I have been swatching for the Spring Shawl Surprise project and I have swatch 1 blocked and drying. Pics to follow even though I made mistakes in it that i didn't fix. I decided that it wasn't that important to start over yet once again because the size of the finished swatch would not be affected by the mistakes in pattern in the one area that I goofed up. The second swatch is on my needles and about 3/4 done. No mistakes in this one... yet... LOL. It's lace pattern on both sides and a bit harder to work. Excellent practice for me though and I decided to switch needles to one smaller size after blocking swatch 1. I am off now to that and not play with uploads of pics. I would like so much to get swatch 2 finished tonight.

BTW, anyone know how to make lace blocking wires? don't think they are in my budget right now, too close to after Christmas to be able to afford them. :(

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sad but yet so Happy too

I am sad, yes I am. Why am I sad? I broke one of my new knitpicks wooden circular needles yesterday. First time used, cast on and four rounds into it's very first sock and poof! Gone! Ruined in one quick snap of the wood. and now... I am so sad. But yes it's true I am happy too! I started swatching for the Spring Surprise Shawl project last night. I have been not feeling well and without truck again and not able to even swatch because of lack of lace weight stash. The ONE lace weight yarn I have is two skeins of lucious Sheldridge Farms Lace Weight Merino in off white colour that one day will be my Swan Lake Shawl. I cannot use it for another project or the Swan Lake Shawl will never be, I just know it! So I got on the phone with Karen over at Shall We Knit and asked her guidance of laceweight and colourways and she was sooo wonderful and helpful. We narrowed it down to two possibilites and she put them aside for my Mom to pick up for me. (YAY MOM!) Well Mom came over later in the afternoon bearing wonderful yarny treats for me :) I love them both! Malabrigo laceweight in Jewel Blue and Emerald. EWwww wow! what a choice. I started swatching in Jewel Blue and have picked another project from Arctic Lace for the Emerald colourway. I called Karen this afternoon to let her know that I would need more of both yarns LOL. Happy? YES!!! but still sad too... I will try to get pictures on tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Notta Resolution

because I believe resolutions were invented only to be broken and not kept. Instead I present my new Mindset for 2008, and that is to let go the old crap I promised to blog about and get on with the new. (Recited in my best Queen Victorian imitation voice) 'We are going to try to be a real blogger this year lest we end up being not amused!' Hear that Nic? I'm gonna try real damn hard to blog at least weekly if not more often! ok stop laughing now... I am outta here to check on dinner that is in the oven.
Btw, cast on Chevron Lace Socks from Getting started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd in Pigeonroof Studios superwash sock yarn in Cousteau colourway. And since I gotta new camera for Christmas there will be great pics too! ttyl. I promise.