Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm dealing with my head, or trying to...

The weather is constantly changing here it seems. Mid November is usually leaning a little more toward the winter type weather but it keeps getting mild again. Don't get me wrong, I am so NOT a winter fan, and I am really NOT trying to encourage it along. Problem is unsettled weather unsettles my body aches and pains. It makes me more in the mood to relax with a heating pad in front of the tv instead of the up and down's of sewing and quilting. Since I am trying to concentrate on quilting projects that need to be done, it makes for an interesting conflict between my head and the rest of my body. In the project I am currently working on, I am at the point of semi-constructed. In this project, I need to do a lot of the work before I can see the results of that work. It's not an overly large time eater the way the last pieced project was, but it's not instant gratification either! The way I've been feeling, with the aches and pains pretty much constant, I find I am second guessing the whole concept of what I thought was going to be a totally awesome project... I know, 'Stop Thinking Lyz!' LOL I think thinking is my worst enemy. No worries though I am going to slog it through, if it comes to having to slog it (but I don't think I will) What can I say, I just want to see the finished product NOW! long before it's finished!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Or would that be tongue tied? It sounded like a great idea yesterday, to take up my blog and be faithful again. Today, however I already don't have words to fill the space! It's been a long time since the last time I blogged. I don't really want to play catch up. That seems so yesterday! and I know in the course of regular writings a lot of it will come out anyways. What was today like? Yes lets stick with the present. Work of course. After that a dentist appointment. Only for a cleaning but it put my feet to shaking in my boots! Fortunately, I have learned how to not shake all over just for a cleaning, I save that nifty trick for fillings and more major work. Not to be outdone by the dentist, the Cable guy came and fixed my almost two week long battle over one little tv that didn't want to work right. Seems my fixitup was the correct, however and the Cable guy simply, after checking out everything inside and out, changed the cable box to another one! Imagine that! I already did that once... It took three cable boxes to find a good one that worked! Shall I tell you what I think of refurbished cable boxes? Ok nevermind, you get the idea. On to my free time tonight! I spend some time on the computer doing some relaxing fun stuff and then spent a couple hours sewing. I have started quilting about a year, maybe a bit more, ago. I really enjoy it! But why wouldn't I? I learned to sew when I was a girl so it's like going back to my roots. The present project is not too far in and I'm not sure where it's going yet. I have a plan for it but who knows if it will turn out the way I am planning now. Is it not my prerogative as a female to change my mind whenever the mood suits me?
For now however, it's time to pack it in for the night. Morning comes awful early when I am on this shift. 
In the mean time, for your viewing pleasure, and my experimenting with email blog posts, a  Kenaf flower. The stalks that grow these pretty flowers can be dried and used for spinning. 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Testing

Due to my lack of geekiness, I have to test this to see if it works. Thanks to my best friend, who happens to be overflowing with geekiness and doesn't mind sharing, I feel confident it will actually post to my blog!

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A New Day

A friend is trying very hard and pretty much succeeding at returning to her blog and doing it faithfully every day. I have enjoyed reading about all of her exploits, even though I get a 'more' than daily report on it all. We are best friends. I get the nitty and the gritty as well as all the details ! I wouldn't have it any other way! Having said that, however, I have to admit, it's fun, and sometimes educational, to read her blog and get the 'public' view point. I think I know what's coming when I read her blog, because I have already been there, done that... right? ... Well not really. She always manages to entertain, and/or surprise me with some details or bits of story that I wasn't anticipating. She comments sometimes that journaling her 'boring' life, as she feels it is sometimes, is just that... boring... I tell her that her posts are enjoyable, because that is what they are. I am seeing first hand through someone else's eyes, their life, and realize that it's time again for me to see my life through someone else's eyes too.. those of the blogger! I can't say I am going to be faithful to my blog, but I can try. I can't say I am going to post award winning writings, but I can try! LOL I guarantee it will be from it! I can again write about my mundane and boring life, as I see it sometimes, but not to a journal, or diary as many people see blogs as being, but written to a public domain. I will therefore try to take the boring and mundane out of *my* life and see it through other eyes. This, will be an excursive in a change of attitude, outlook and lots of positive thinking. How well I will do with this, I don't know but, I can try....