Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Inspired again... finally!

Ok so I haven't blogged for like what a few days? or even maybe a week? I have been busy with stuff! and nothing but boring thoughts and no inspiriation to write anything but the multitude of tax returns I do every year for various family members. Yeah!! Woot only 2 left to do. Ok so why am I here now? Well just got in from work and my guys made me an awesome plate of waffles and sausages for my late night dinner or supper depending on where you are from (see "You Know You Are From..." posted below) eheheh.. and yes Sara I am getting to that in a sec! So I am checking my email, and reading some of the crochet/knit related emails, and pigging out on waffles and sausage, when I wondered if Sara made changes to her blog today. Well when I got there I got a pleasant surprise! Sara your blog looks great! and hence the inspiration to post to mine tonight. OK so as I am reading You Know You Are From Alabama When... and thinking that hmmm... in my last lifetime was I like born and raised in Alabama? or maybe did a gypsy steal me from an Alabamanian (hey is that a real word?) family when I was only days old!! Geesh Alabama must be just like Canada! only warmer of course! (yes I am shivering as I type this) LOL Then at the bottom I found the link to the rest of it, and found, low and behold, NOPE not from Alabama! Not even in another lifetime! I am Canadian! and That's a fact! I am sitting here reading You Know You are from Canada When.... and smiling... and nodding... and going UH HUH out loud even though it is after midnight and everyone else has been asleep for HOURS! So thanks Sara. You have shown me my true heritage! ahem.. and also a new place to find bloggin' inpiration... And I haven't even started in about crochet or knitting yet......
Night all :)

You Know You're From Canada When...

You're not offended by the term, "Homo Milk."

You understand the phrase, "Could you pass me a serviette, I just dropped my poutine, on the chesterfield."

You eat chocolate bars, not candy bars.

You drink pop, not soda.

You know what a Mickey and 2-4 mean.

You don't care about the fuss with Cuba. It's a cheap place to go for your holidays, with good cigars.

You know that a pike is a type of fish, not part of a highway.

You drive on a highway, not a freeway.

You have Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers.

You know that Casey and Finnegan were not part of a Celtic musical group.

You get excited whenever an American television show mentions Canada.

You brag to Americans that: Shania Twain, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion and many more are Canadians.

You know that the C.E.O. of American Airlines is a Canadian!

You know what a touque is.

You know that the last letter of the English alphabet is always pronounced "Zed" not "Zee".

You understand the Labatt Blue commercials.

You know how to pronounce and spell "Saskatchewan."

You perk up when you hear the theme song from "Hockey Night in Canada."

You were in grade 12, not the 12th grade.

"Eh?" is a very important part of your vocabulary and more polite than, "Huh?"

Winter. Whenever you want it. And then some.

There's German food, Italian food, Chinese food, Armenian food, American food, but NO Canadian food.

You call a "mouse" a "moose".

You like the Americans a little because they don't want Quebec either.

Contests run by anyone other than the government have "skill-testing questions" that winners must answer correctly before they can claim a prize.

Everything is labelled in English and French.

Milk comes in plastic bags as well as cartons and plastic jugs.

Mountain Dew has no caffeine.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Canada.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Nothing much to say

It has been a busy day today. I am just now getting around to blogging!. Well my hair turned out awesome. Best decision I have ever made I think is to let my stylist decide what to do with my hair. LOL. She gets to pick and I end up with a nice surprise. Well so far it has always been a nice surprise. Then again, it' only hair right? It will grow back so what's the deal? So the nice surprise this time is dark reddish brown on the bottom and underneath, coppery brown on the top with tons and tons of blonde highlights! Is much better than the natural brown but mostly premature grey that it would be if I didn't let my stylist play rainbow pallette with it! :) OK for my day today.. well I didn't sleep well last night so I was tired out before I even started. Then the chore of taxes! uggg... How come even if you get a refund, no matter how big or small, it is still such a chore doing the taxes? And yeah we both get $$ back. We had to pay in one year and I swore then NEVER again! Like don't we all have enough bills already? That was my morning. Out shopping for the afternoon. We ended up going to one of the furniture stores by our place to window/comparison shop. We NEED new living room furniture badly and I think we are finally gonna bite the bullet and get some. It will be a total redo, from the floor up so I am really looking forward to it. I picked some stuff today in fairly neutral earthy greens. This is a total change for me and I think I will be a real "pick me up". So I will have to drag dh out again and do some more window shopping before a final decision is made but we actually both agreed on the set we saw today. WOW huh? LOLOL After that home with some groceries and dh made a big pot of chile for dinner. I checked my email then went for my nap, now I am here. Really exciting huh?? I guess Sara is right. You don't need to have anything to say to actually blog. The gift of "babble" works well. I haven't worked on any knit or crochet in a few days. I think my creativity is clogged from lack of crafting. So I will get out my yarn and hook and on my next break (yes I am actually writing this on my break and NOT on company time) I will force myself to crochet. The slippers I am making here are coming along nicely. One slipper was finished in two dinner breaks and it looks so cute too. Now to find a one footed person to wear it??? LOL So think it would be just easier to make another huh????. Ok I am off to do some work now.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Thought's from ME? now that's scary!

Ok now you've done it Sara! Between your posts in groups about your Blog, Nicole and Michelle also enticing me in their replies about their Blogs, and on top of it all Nicole's recent and frequent HTML lessons I have been having to survive! and Jane don't go taking offense now, it really has been a blast! If it wasn't for you, Jane, I probably wouldn't be here right now typing in this Blog :) Sequence goes dedication to the group, New leader gets roped into taking over, mess is impossible to clean up, wonderful friendship gets reinforced, New leader gets new helper(s), hence HTML lessons commence and well I might just as well use what I have learned here on MY blog. And yes I am positive I will never really truly believe that I have actually created this thing! So now I am tired and going to bed. Work was very slow tonight and I had some fun emails to help my keep my eyes open while there. Tomorrow is going to be here soon though, and it would be nice to just close my eyes for even just a few hours before tackling another day.

So now it is the morning after the night before...

Ok i musta had a bad night last night. It's just like the morning after the night before. I am sitting here squinting at the moniter cause I'm not even awake enought to realize i really should go and put my glasses on, and wondering how it came to be that I was just so out of it last night that I really tied one on to the degree that Blogness just erupted outta me and rendered me helpless and outta control and fully under the powers of Blogdom. (ok for you seasoned Blogger Pro's if my terminology isn't quite correct here, hopefully time will rectify that)
only thing i really know at this point is... OH MAN I NEED COFFEE...
I am outta here on my way to Tim's for coffee. Any one want one c(_) I think I have Blog hangover.

I have had my coffee now and have started into the harder stuff!!! LOL Juice and Sprite! and oh ya just a hint of vodka too. Goes down good after a long day of messing about on the puter. I decided to reset the email to Outlook instead of OE and well created quite the headache for myself. In trying to figure out how to make dh's account I managed to import all hundreds plus of my emails into my new Outlook email 3 darned times!!! It has taken me hours of deleting to get rid of everything in triplicate! (ok stop laughing now) (anytime is fine) (no really it's not THAT funny) It's been a busy day with almost nothing accomplished that needed to be accomplished for the day. We are heading out shortly to visit with dh's brother and his wife. She is gonna do my hair. I will let you know tomorrow what colour it turns out. It isn't my call, that is my "stylists" decision. It's much more fun that way.
So now I can't believe this is the third time I have been here typing at well no one really! And I thought I didn't have anything to say! Just wait till I start getting into it about crocheting and knitting and the kids and all. Not to mention whining about work and Woolly and all the other things that are so important to me but to no one else in particular. Well dh is asking if I am ready to go and of course I am saying YES and thinking NO i wanna blog some more! ehehehe...
I am off to become a totally new ME :)

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