Thursday, March 05, 2009

And now it be Silk

Specifically, hand dyed Tussah Silk by Libertina Yarns bought at All Strung Out in Guelph On. After spinning two braids of singles I am now wondering if I will ever spin anything but silk again. Oh it is so lovely and soft and cushy and heavenly and beautiful, oh excuse me, am I gushing? I plan to ply it for a resulting DK weight 2 ply. The braids have spun nicely, giving me generous yardage. I will measure the metres after I ply though.
 I am hoping to pop over to the store tonight and show the resident dye master the singles with my comments and hopes that more can be dyed to match what I already have. If I get enough yardage, I am going to make a light spring/summer camisole or tank top for me! 


Karen said...

It truly is wonderful stuff. Hope you can get more.

Lyz said...

Getting more shouldn't be a problem. I know the shop owner!