Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Isn't it just Wonderful?

So now everything is dry and not felted. 
It has been re-skiened and braided. (yup I figured it out) 
I am pleased and so is my grand-daughter. (now renamed Laughaholic as I see from her brand new membership to Ravelry) 
Here's the promised pics of the finished dye job. Yarn and Fibre look great! I on the other hand still have grey roots! (Should have done my hair while I was at it!)

The first pic is Laughaholic's first handspun. Not a bad job of it I think. Looks better than my first did! The second pic is the blue one with beads. It has already been cast on. She has decided to make a lacy scarf from it. The third pic is her  handpainted skein. 


See the big smile on her face. 

These ones are mine.....


First pic is two ply Shetland laceweight/fingering, the second pic is about a worsted weight three ply

The third and fourth pic, below, are before and after pics of what used to be grey Icelandic wool rovings. Notice it's not grey anymore!   :D


Then we have the rovings.
Pic one, two and three, quite self explanatory. 


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cmeknit said...

Hey! Who are you? Where have you been? Love the dying job...gorgeous! Good to see you again;)