Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Need Pictures...

Ok so I still don't have pictures. I have several pairs of socks done for my husby that I need to photograph but they are in the wash still. When I get them all clean I will take pics of all of them. They are the socks that I have made during my time of absentia from Blogland. Since then I have finished Little Shells Socks and taken a picture of them as they are to be gifted. I have also finished Field of Flowers Socks for myself, well actually I am grafting the toe as I speak and have 4 ends to sew in on each sock then they are finished. I will wash and block them today. It might be spring here but my feet are cold and I am anxious to be wearing my new socks. Conwy (another sock for me) from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush is on the foot of the second sock. I planned to finish that before starting Lacy Scallops a free pattern from Sock Bug but I would rather have it as an alternative so I can put down Lacy Scallops when I get frustrated from messing it up so much LOL (Nic u know what I mean) It won't take long to go down that second foot and finish up the pair anyways. So back to my needles and the grafting of the toe, then on to a website that can tell me how to do a crochet cast on.... and Lacy Scallops Socks will be born.

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