Monday, July 23, 2007


The 4x2 Rib Socks KAL with Mom,

Yay, I got them finished and my Husby loves them.

They aren't blocked yet but aren' t they nice?

Gotta love the colour variation.

Mom and I joined a Charlotte's web shawl kal at Knitwerkx that started June 26/07. I am using SRK Super 10 cotton in 5 colours and 3.25mm circ to make a Beach Wrap for me. I am nowup to row 27 at the first colour change. I though the way the pattern is written up is kinda wonky but I got it figured out and am catching on to how they are doing it. I had trouble with the first 20 or so rows doing the set up of the first lace patt and gradual increases. Now, that I have a bit of fabric on the needles, it is starting to make much more sense and I can start to see where I am going with this. Mom was participating in this kal too but has dropped out, feeling she is not ready to tackle this with so many socks on the needles. Multi tasking is not one of her strong suits anymore and the lure of socks is just too strong for her to think shawl. This is the start of my Charlotte's Web Beach Wrap. I am have started the second colour now.

I was feeling the call of the Harris Tweed Gedifra Sportivo and so I took a bit of time and worked a few rows of Serrano (lace cardigan) from Knitty the week of June24/07. Long term for sure but oh how nice it is going to be when done. No pics yet.

I knit more of sock #1 of Sockbug's Lacy Scallops the week of June24/07. I think the 'official' two person kal is mebbe dead? thinking one day it might be revived though so I am not pushing the end of sock one and doing of sock two. No pics of this yet either though I guess I should take some soon. The Koigu I am using is looking very nice imo.

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