Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Non Sockdon Ended

If it's possible to get sock burnout, no I don't mean by blowing a big hole in the toe of it, sock burnout, I had it now it's gone. YAY to me? well pair one of socks for 2009 is done, and pair 2 is almost done. I am tired of socks again though and want to knit things. Not socks, but things. That wonderful moebius that is whispering to me from my canvas bag, just a bit more than half done and will be needing another ball of yarn spun before it's completed. That barely more than a start,and because of gauge woes second time around, sweater for me, you know, the one that has obsessed me since my copy of Interweave Knit's Winter 2008 has come into my itchy little knit friendly fingers. It's calling, and calling, and calling for more attention than I have time for. Poor old KW Guild Mystery Shawl, that lays depressed because of neglected since sometime in December when it was so on top of the world. Then it was 'THE project of the day'. Beautiful, beautiful Granddaughter Sweater, is thinking that it's not going to be worn by the girl that will be much to big for it before it's finished. And oh, the two new projects, one 'just' started and the other, only a strand peeking over the edge of it's bag of keeping. Baby sweaters, both of them, waiting for their birth.
What will I do tomorrow morning when I get up? Finish second sock of the pair that almost are, then cast on a new pair of socks.
I am going to bed now, it's late and I can't fight the urge to stay up and knit any more.
Good Night.


cmeknit said...

Get up! Start knitting!
Can't wait to see the socks complete...and those new projects. I rarely have more than two things on the needles...let me see what surrounds me...one, two, three, four, five (needs frogging)...ok that's just what I see....aaaaahhhhhhh!

Karen said...

Hey, we want to see the new stuff! We like socks, but...you know. It's time to get working on something else for a while. (When you wake up again.)