Thursday, January 29, 2009

OK! I'm UP!

and would be knitting but for a few minutes here to blog. Need coffee still, the writing might be bad! LOL

Linen Stitch Socks for husby are finished. And for your viewing
pleasure, I even braved the weather, ran outside in my pj's and bare feet and took a nature shot of them in the wild.

Work Socks #1 for The Boy are also finished. Work Socks #2 are cast with 4 or 6 rows done but will be frogged (today) and re-cast on with 48 sts instead of 44 sts. We thought they might be a little loose in the leg before they were finished. They were cast on with 50 sts so to tighten the leg a bit I cast on 44 sts on Socks #2. Now that Socks #1 are finished and tried on and even already worn once, they fit well. The leg is not too loose and it turns out that 44 is a rude number and just has to go.

Baby Sweater #1 is half way done. See (I am working on stuff besides socks!) The back is done and the fronts will be cast on as soon as I can get to them.

(It's lime green, colour in the pic is bad)
Moebius is into it's second lace panel, though I haven't been working on it as much as I was hoping too. You know how it goes when work and life just get in the way.

Oh and I have some errands to do today. It snowed (like crazy again) again and made winter miserable, messy, and hard to drive in. So I might end up not getting any knitting done today? Ahhh.... such is life.

Maybe since I might not end up with time to knit, my errands might just manage to take me to a yarn store or two today? Oh imagine how BAD that would be! NOT!

Pics are here too! (YAY for me huh?)


cmeknit said...

Yay! Finished socks...they look I love the little sweater too. Can't wait to see the next pair of socks...I am knitting socks like mad too. I am done the errands, well new hamburg is tempting me again...

cmeknit said...

great...the word great was in there after look...I can write!

Lyz said...

LOL It made sense to me the first time around!
Aren't we just ????? (great)

Karen said...

Why is 44 a rude number? Is it "rude" the way my parents use the word "rude" -- meaning things you can't say in front of children?

Anyway, I really need to know about the number 44, especially if it's that kind of rude.

Did you go to any yarn stores? If so, I am jealous. :D

Lyz said...

44 is rude because when you have a 2x2 rib on 4 working dpn's nothing works out evenly and the needles are all cockeyed and it just RUDE!
(there did I explain it right? I could rant on longer but I have to go to work soon)

Don't be jealous. I didn't get to any yarn stores. I went to Michaels for stamp making stuff, popped into Future Shop to check out the price on something, got gas (for the car not me I already have enough gas thanks) and stopped and grabbed some chinese food for my din-din tonight at work. By then I got home with about 15 mins to spare as it's freakin' snowing again and you can't travel anywhere fast in this crap, and now I have to go to work and i can continue whining but i won't because then i will be late for work.