Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Or would that be tongue tied? It sounded like a great idea yesterday, to take up my blog and be faithful again. Today, however I already don't have words to fill the space! It's been a long time since the last time I blogged. I don't really want to play catch up. That seems so yesterday! and I know in the course of regular writings a lot of it will come out anyways. What was today like? Yes lets stick with the present. Work of course. After that a dentist appointment. Only for a cleaning but it put my feet to shaking in my boots! Fortunately, I have learned how to not shake all over just for a cleaning, I save that nifty trick for fillings and more major work. Not to be outdone by the dentist, the Cable guy came and fixed my almost two week long battle over one little tv that didn't want to work right. Seems my fixitup was the correct, however and the Cable guy simply, after checking out everything inside and out, changed the cable box to another one! Imagine that! I already did that once... It took three cable boxes to find a good one that worked! Shall I tell you what I think of refurbished cable boxes? Ok nevermind, you get the idea. On to my free time tonight! I spend some time on the computer doing some relaxing fun stuff and then spent a couple hours sewing. I have started quilting about a year, maybe a bit more, ago. I really enjoy it! But why wouldn't I? I learned to sew when I was a girl so it's like going back to my roots. The present project is not too far in and I'm not sure where it's going yet. I have a plan for it but who knows if it will turn out the way I am planning now. Is it not my prerogative as a female to change my mind whenever the mood suits me?
For now however, it's time to pack it in for the night. Morning comes awful early when I am on this shift. 
In the mean time, for your viewing pleasure, and my experimenting with email blog posts, a  Kenaf flower. The stalks that grow these pretty flowers can be dried and used for spinning. 

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