Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A New Day

A friend is trying very hard and pretty much succeeding at returning to her blog and doing it faithfully every day. I have enjoyed reading about all of her exploits, even though I get a 'more' than daily report on it all. We are best friends. I get the nitty and the gritty as well as all the details ! I wouldn't have it any other way! Having said that, however, I have to admit, it's fun, and sometimes educational, to read her blog and get the 'public' view point. I think I know what's coming when I read her blog, because I have already been there, done that... right? ... Well not really. She always manages to entertain, and/or surprise me with some details or bits of story that I wasn't anticipating. She comments sometimes that journaling her 'boring' life, as she feels it is sometimes, is just that... boring... I tell her that her posts are enjoyable, because that is what they are. I am seeing first hand through someone else's eyes, their life, and realize that it's time again for me to see my life through someone else's eyes too.. those of the blogger! I can't say I am going to be faithful to my blog, but I can try. I can't say I am going to post award winning writings, but I can try! LOL I guarantee it will be from it! I can again write about my mundane and boring life, as I see it sometimes, but not to a journal, or diary as many people see blogs as being, but written to a public domain. I will therefore try to take the boring and mundane out of *my* life and see it through other eyes. This, will be an excursive in a change of attitude, outlook and lots of positive thinking. How well I will do with this, I don't know but, I can try....

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