Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Busy Weekend

The weekends are the best time of all. For example, at this exact moment in time, my two wonderful, well mostly wonderful, grandchildren are here beside me, one older boy, and one a bit younger girl, is giving and complaining about getting the worst thing there is in the world for a child. COOTIES! Specifically BOY COOTIES! and giggling madly. You do know they fight at home and yes they fight here too. They are brother and sister, and what else are brother and sisters to do with themselves if not fight? I am enjoying the noise now from the other room as I wind down for the evening. Dinner and dishes are done and soon it will be pajama time. I am so looking forward to that! My  pajamas I mean! Oh and the kids too of course LOL. I was up early again, no sleeping in for me today. I had the most wonderful, enjoyable, and educational morning that I've had in a long time. Spinning class called Wrap It Up with Jillian Moreno ( of Knittyspin fame) We learned several different ways to work with cores and wraps, using several different cores and several differently prepared fibres for the wraps. I have several mini skeins of Corespun yarn that if very HORRIBLY made! BUT! I learned so much and just need more practice. I plan to practice soon and try to get it where I am producing some fun and exciting corespun yarns before too long. At least I hope so. I have spent way to long away from my wheel. After the class, I needed to pay for my class. There was a huge line up at the cash register of other knitters and spinners needing to  do the same as me. I wasn't in much of a mood to be patient in a long line up however, so I was forced *shudder* to browse and shop the yarn store! I am very pleased to say, I came away like a happy bunny with one one but two of the hugely coveted and desperately craved varieties of ORANGE sock yarn. Doesn't everyone NEED to have bright orange handknit socks? I know I do! 

Here we have Trekking XXL colourway 487

Here we have Spud and Chloe Fine Sock in colourway 7802. 


You know orange is the new green right... ???

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