Friday, February 17, 2012

Socks Again, I'm Happy To Say :)

Since the finishing of the sets of Cat Hats and Mitts, I have been sick as a dog. What a great reason to cast on a new project! I have been fussing about what yarn to use for the socks I have decided to make from the Sock Knitter's Anonymous group that I *barely* belong to. I choose not to participate in the forums for purely personal reasons. I have lots to share in chats such as these, however, I have worked very hard to keep my internet wasting browsing time to a minimum. This means on and off Ravelry and other *OMG I've been here for two hours!* websites. As for the wonderful contests that go along with being part of that group... Well let's just say I don't knit fast enough and/or don't want to try to knit fast enough to guarantee that my projects will be done in time and posted for the deadline that goes with the contests. The group however is marvellous! The ideas for each month's theme are very inspiring. This is where I was inspired to do the January Mystery Sock pattern, called Bl├íthnat (free pattern on ravelry)
 I really do enjoy Mystery Patterns. Usually the clues occur at a regular interval, in this case once a week. Each week you get a part of the pattern, the clue, that builds on the last part you received. There (usually) are no pictures, so if you need to see a picture to knit it, this is not for you. And you don't know ahead of time what it will look like, and sometimes not even what it will be when it's done! This one however is a sock. The designer usually will give you a list of supplies needed to complete the project and sometimes also a hint or two. In this case, the Irish designer suggested to use a solid or semi solid yarn so as not to obscure the stitch pattern! BINGO! It's LACE! What better do I need while I am sick, to keep me down and mending, but a juicy bit of lace to knit! I finally decided on a solid green yarn from my yarn stash for this Irish design and went to town knitting like crazy while being cozy in the big black chair, and covered in my Husby's afghan. (Crocheted a number of years ago for him by me) My companions, a wastepaper basket and several boxes of Kleenex, were quiet and respectful of the fact that I do indeed need to count stitches every once in a while. It snowed some on and off during the week and a half I was flu-ey as well as miserable with my cold and I could watch it through the big window from where I sat. I spent as much time as I could enjoying the peace and quiet, the soothing rhythmic click of the knitting needles, and the flow of sock yarn through my fingers, as my socks started to take shape. I'm not quite finished them yet, almost at the toe of one, and working down the foot of the other, but soon they will be done. What a great way to convalesce if not in being able to dabble in the hobby you love.

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