Saturday, March 12, 2005

Thought's from ME? now that's scary!

Ok now you've done it Sara! Between your posts in groups about your Blog, Nicole and Michelle also enticing me in their replies about their Blogs, and on top of it all Nicole's recent and frequent HTML lessons I have been having to survive! and Jane don't go taking offense now, it really has been a blast! If it wasn't for you, Jane, I probably wouldn't be here right now typing in this Blog :) Sequence goes dedication to the group, New leader gets roped into taking over, mess is impossible to clean up, wonderful friendship gets reinforced, New leader gets new helper(s), hence HTML lessons commence and well I might just as well use what I have learned here on MY blog. And yes I am positive I will never really truly believe that I have actually created this thing! So now I am tired and going to bed. Work was very slow tonight and I had some fun emails to help my keep my eyes open while there. Tomorrow is going to be here soon though, and it would be nice to just close my eyes for even just a few hours before tackling another day.

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Sara said...

Lyz has a blog!!!!! woohooo!!!!!!!!!