Monday, March 14, 2005

Nothing much to say

It has been a busy day today. I am just now getting around to blogging!. Well my hair turned out awesome. Best decision I have ever made I think is to let my stylist decide what to do with my hair. LOL. She gets to pick and I end up with a nice surprise. Well so far it has always been a nice surprise. Then again, it' only hair right? It will grow back so what's the deal? So the nice surprise this time is dark reddish brown on the bottom and underneath, coppery brown on the top with tons and tons of blonde highlights! Is much better than the natural brown but mostly premature grey that it would be if I didn't let my stylist play rainbow pallette with it! :) OK for my day today.. well I didn't sleep well last night so I was tired out before I even started. Then the chore of taxes! uggg... How come even if you get a refund, no matter how big or small, it is still such a chore doing the taxes? And yeah we both get $$ back. We had to pay in one year and I swore then NEVER again! Like don't we all have enough bills already? That was my morning. Out shopping for the afternoon. We ended up going to one of the furniture stores by our place to window/comparison shop. We NEED new living room furniture badly and I think we are finally gonna bite the bullet and get some. It will be a total redo, from the floor up so I am really looking forward to it. I picked some stuff today in fairly neutral earthy greens. This is a total change for me and I think I will be a real "pick me up". So I will have to drag dh out again and do some more window shopping before a final decision is made but we actually both agreed on the set we saw today. WOW huh? LOLOL After that home with some groceries and dh made a big pot of chile for dinner. I checked my email then went for my nap, now I am here. Really exciting huh?? I guess Sara is right. You don't need to have anything to say to actually blog. The gift of "babble" works well. I haven't worked on any knit or crochet in a few days. I think my creativity is clogged from lack of crafting. So I will get out my yarn and hook and on my next break (yes I am actually writing this on my break and NOT on company time) I will force myself to crochet. The slippers I am making here are coming along nicely. One slipper was finished in two dinner breaks and it looks so cute too. Now to find a one footed person to wear it??? LOL So think it would be just easier to make another huh????. Ok I am off to do some work now.


Sara said...

Hey Lyz,
I say new furntiture is a great excuse to make new pillows and afghans. Of course, this might meant you need yarn to match the furniture. :-)

Marla said...

Hi Lyz,

nice blog! It really does get addictive doesn't it! Actually I have Sara to thank for my blog too- I went to leave a comment on hers and got roped into creating a blog/account.

I really like yours- very interesting posts for "no thoughts".

Come visit my blog and website when you get a chance! I've got a lot about crochet at my website and starting to at my blog.