Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nope I didn't do it

yet.... The pictures I mean. I have my camera sitting here daring me to hook it up to the puter but I just don't want to spend the time right now with it. I will do it this week, I promise. We have had our 9 yrs grandson here for a week and no, it's not that he's a handful, it actually the opposite. He's bored and we have been wracking our brains (or what's left of our brains) trying to keep him busy. We baked Grampy a belated birthday cake today! YAY! Bug's first time making cake! yes Granny MADE him make it! and I was appalled that he didn't know how already! Well we fixed that! and the cake was delicious too! He did a great job on the cake.

I have been swatching for the Spring Shawl Surprise project and I have swatch 1 blocked and drying. Pics to follow even though I made mistakes in it that i didn't fix. I decided that it wasn't that important to start over yet once again because the size of the finished swatch would not be affected by the mistakes in pattern in the one area that I goofed up. The second swatch is on my needles and about 3/4 done. No mistakes in this one... yet... LOL. It's lace pattern on both sides and a bit harder to work. Excellent practice for me though and I decided to switch needles to one smaller size after blocking swatch 1. I am off now to that and not play with uploads of pics. I would like so much to get swatch 2 finished tonight.

BTW, anyone know how to make lace blocking wires? don't think they are in my budget right now, too close to after Christmas to be able to afford them. :(

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