Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sad but yet so Happy too

I am sad, yes I am. Why am I sad? I broke one of my new knitpicks wooden circular needles yesterday. First time used, cast on and four rounds into it's very first sock and poof! Gone! Ruined in one quick snap of the wood. and now... I am so sad. But yes it's true I am happy too! I started swatching for the Spring Surprise Shawl project last night. I have been not feeling well and without truck again and not able to even swatch because of lack of lace weight stash. The ONE lace weight yarn I have is two skeins of lucious Sheldridge Farms Lace Weight Merino in off white colour that one day will be my Swan Lake Shawl. I cannot use it for another project or the Swan Lake Shawl will never be, I just know it! So I got on the phone with Karen over at Shall We Knit and asked her guidance of laceweight and colourways and she was sooo wonderful and helpful. We narrowed it down to two possibilites and she put them aside for my Mom to pick up for me. (YAY MOM!) Well Mom came over later in the afternoon bearing wonderful yarny treats for me :) I love them both! Malabrigo laceweight in Jewel Blue and Emerald. EWwww wow! what a choice. I started swatching in Jewel Blue and have picked another project from Arctic Lace for the Emerald colourway. I called Karen this afternoon to let her know that I would need more of both yarns LOL. Happy? YES!!! but still sad too... I will try to get pictures on tomorrow.

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