Thursday, February 02, 2006

Learning to Knit... again!

I lied! I didn't update the other day like I said I was going to. I was out the other night with my husby and got me a new cell phone!! HURRAY! finally huh? LOL Ok so the update.
Firstly FO's have been flying off my hooks. Baby poncho's (pic to the left)in size two approximately for various people I know.

My own creation I call a Bed Shawl (aka hug me tight or shrug) made for the very sick Mom of a very dear friend. (pic to the left)

Also a very large baby blanket for a friend at work (pics below). It was a new pattern that I tried out and "adjusted" to suit my taste.

Ok I admit it when it comes to crochet I am sooo guilty of NOT following the patterns! I start out ok but then I think.... hmmm I wonder what would happen if I... or think... I think it would look better if I.... and presto.. the pattern is no more my guide. I haven't taken pics of all the ponchos but
I have one or two pics to post of both poncho and blanket. I am very pleased with the outcome of the blanket. I KNOW I will make some Woolly blankets using this ghan as a guide. Though as pretty much everything I make is unique in that I always end up changing something from the last time I made that item, I know the next will be similar but not the same.

I have also done a few of the "Martha" Coming Home ponchos. Ok so I am not a poncho person but I wanted to try the pattern and fortunately I have a couple people close to me that were willing recipients of my efforts to create one. In other words... I get to make it but I don't gotta wear it! ROFL! My Mom got one of the Coming Home ponchos so maybe when get a chance I will take a pic of her in her poncho and post it here for you all to see.

On the knitting note.... YES!! I did say KNITTING! and yes it has been a very long time indeed. I have finally found THE bag!. I have been looking for a pattern or idea for a new tote style bag that I can make for me for a long time now. The Booga bag enlarged and yes... felted... is what's soon gonna be happening! (link to felted bags including Booga Bag is here) In fact I have picked out my colours for the stripes and have been playing with a practice piece. I felted my first felting project yesterday morning. A belt. I did it in colour blocks very similar to the stripes I am planing for my large sized Booga Bag. I must admit I was so excited throwing into the washer to shrink it up. It turned out very nice IMO, and the felting worked out wonderfully.
Ok so back to the 'knit' thing.... well it turns out that I have finally managed to learn to knit Continental style. I don't have to move my arm and shoulder all around and hence it doesn't seem to be bothering my shoulder to knit using this method! HURRAY!!! I can start to knit again!! I need a ton of practice though. Nic would love to see how I am so good a seasoned and experienced knitter that I drop my needles and drop my sts too! I am the clumsy awkward Oaf revisited! ROFL! I have done my whole belt using continental method and though still awkward, I am starting to get the hang of it somewhat. I have a long way to go to get my tension under control LOL. I am posting a pic of my belt too. I hope you like what I have done.

And this, this is my new belt. Yes these are my
jeans! Without my BIG BUTT in them! LOL!

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Jane said...

Love the pics my dear. Love the photographer too. Great job creating on the adaptations to the patterns...maybe you need to work on pattern design>???? Might be an idea for the long nights at the House of Quelph.......Tonya loves Kailee's poncho...Kai is a little too small and will be wearing it and LOOKING good next year for sure.