Sunday, May 20, 2007

Back again

It's been a busy day here today. Which is nice as it keeps the day from dragging but it's not nice because I didn't get as much time to knit today and I would have liked. I am going to rush through this post though and then go put my feet up and continue on with my very first toe up sock. More on the later though.
Back to my updates.
I worked in husby's Columbine socks (see previous post) in hospital with my first surgery. After I was able to knit again I finished them off and worked on a Christmas gift pair of socks for my Mom. She was always saying how much she would love a pair of hand knit socks but never came right out and asked me to make her a pair. She would always leave off at maybe some day you might have some time to make some in my size but I know how busy you are and all... Nothing like a subtle hint eh? LOL. Anyways, I used Austermann's Step yarn, the yarn with the Aloe in it, for a treat for her feet, in colourway 03 Gras, the green/taupe using the River Rapids Sock pattern from Sockbug's site. It turned out great and I actually had them done in time for Christmas.(though I ended up miscalculating how big Mom's feet are and had to rip down the toe and lengthen the socks a bit after Christmas)

OH NO I just went looking in my puter for a pic of these socks and didn't find one. I guess I forgot to take one. I will have to take a pic next time Mom's over for a visit.

Gotta go and knit, Ta for now.

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