Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Cold of February Spent Inside

For February, basically down for the count, 100% recuperation and knitting time, that is when I could keep my eyes open (good drugs, prescription of course, can do that to you LOL!)

First and foremost was finishing my Fleece Artist Mohair Shawl (stage left) ... cause I wanted to snuggle in it ASAP. I bought the yarn on holidays, summer 2006 and proceeded to design my own simple design shawl. The colourway I picked, and yes it was so very hard to pick just one colourway, is shades of blues and greens. The colourway reminds me of the day we were boating our way through downtown Huntsville (Ontario) where we were visiting family and taking a nice summer holiday.

Glitten's (stage right) for my Husby, again of my own design, were next to come off my needles. We do a fair amount of winter heating with wood and he wanted something he could work his chain saw with to cut wood in the winter and still be able to keep his hands warm. I used some very old discontinued Braemar yarn. It is a wool/acrylic blend in a black/white/blue rag style colourway. Now my brother-in-law wants a pair too. I have started them but not finished them. Oh well there's always next winter.

Next was a blue hat for my granddaughter with novelty yarn trim. Perfect for a 9 year old girl, but sorry no pic of it right now.
A lacy scarf that I wanted to try the pattern out. The pattern was a free internet pattern and I can't recall it's name right now. I loved the look of the stitches and plan to make a 'real' scarf from that pattern one day. When I do I will post a pic then. I used a skein of slightly fuzzy acrylic from my odds and ends stash and ran out of yarn half way through the scarf. It resembles a large lacy dishcloth much more than a scarf but since it's acrylic I couldn't imagine using it for dishes. Ewwwww..... LOL.

The last finished project for February was for me. A gifted Fleece Artist Mitten's Kit that I have been petting for a long time. I had a strand of Merino and a strand of Mohair together for a wonderful thick comfy pair of mittens with enough left over to make a matching headband. I now have some nice warm gear for walking in winter!

In and among all this I found time to teach my son's girlyfriend to crochet. She can knit... sort of... LOL but it's much too slow for her. In her words, "Lets crochet instead! I hear it's much faster!" Well I taught her and she learned quickly. I have some very cool slightly misshapen sc, hdc, dc, and tr dishcloths added to my dishcloth wardrobe. Excellent starter projects as they are easy, quick to do, and you really can't mess up a dishcloth. If it's full of mistakes, it really doesn't matter as they will still wash your dishes. She had a lot of fun picking colours from my cotton stash and learning a new craft.
Dishcloths are done, and now she knows how, now on to a real project! A blanket for her baby sister for a Christmas present. LOL! I wonder how much of a baby her sister will be when, if ever, she actually receives this blankie as a present?
The other thing I did to keep me down and resting was have my husby make me some home made drop spindles so I could start to learn to spin.
Spinning... Wow! Something I have thought of for quite a while but never thought it would ever come about . I never even mentioned to anyone that I was interested. I already get enough strange looks over my totally addicted crafting obsessions!

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