Monday, May 21, 2007

Gotta make a list

Wonderful husby and sometimes wonderful son are putting up the first shelving unit of my "Wool Wall". I talked him, or mebbe my overgrown stash convinced him, that I needed a wall of cubbies here in my spare bedroom (aka knitting/puter room) I am so happy that at least some of it will be up for me to use. But better, that means the second and larger part will be started out in the garage! YAY! I will start to organize my yarn and ufo's as I fill the cubbies up with yummy stash. I have decided as well that I need a list. Or maybe even Lists. I will try to get perhaps a ufo list and/or a fo list and maybe even a stash list. Now won't that be fun? I have heard that online there are worksheets/spreadsheets that can be used for stash. I will have to go looking for something. Either that or take some time to work something up on my own spread sheets. Well there's another project for me to do.

Oh ya, the toe up socks are no longer. At least for a day or two. I messed up my increases when I was almost done the toes and didn't have the patience to frog back looking for the missed inc's. Actually I figured it would be easier just to start over for the little I had done and I can use the extra practice at a new technique.

Ta for now, husby just came through with tools in hand.

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