Saturday, May 26, 2007

more updating

After Mom's Rapid River socks were gifted, we found they were just a titch small so I frogged back the toes and redid them up with the little extra length added in. A simple enough process except for the woven in ends that were next to totally impossible to find and pick out and the extremely frustrating job of un-kitchenering after a couple washings and a day or two of wearing . It took a bit to convince Mom that they were indeed in need of another half inch or so of length. I was having nightmares of her ripping a finger through the lacey eyelet holes as she is yanking at them to make them stretch over her heel. UGGG! But she loved them and didn't want me to change them. Isn't that nice. I finally had to get tough though and let her know that she would NOT be pleased when they were ruined, if she didn't give them to me to fix.

*I have learned a valuable lesson from that.*

Today's valuable lesson: 'NEVER, NEVER kitchener and weave the ends in until BOTH socks are done, (in case you change your mind on foot length as you are finishing up sock #2) and BOTH socks are tried on and fit ok. Then comes the kitchener stitch.'

I don't remember when it came about, but after Mom's first pair of hand knit socks she wanted more! Imagine that. That's when I got out the big guns! I told Mom that since I don't have time to make socks for everyone and she has her pair that if she wants more she can make them herself. *now wishing I could shoot myself with the big guns more days than not because of this decision* Don't get me wrong, Mom can knit. She taught me to knit after all when I was a girl. Problem is Mom is 80 yrs (yay for her! what an accomplishment!) but her eyes just don't see as well as they used to. With a number of lessons in sock making, Mom has it down pretty good now and we have the Dance of the Socks happening.

  1. I get her started. She likes it when I start it for her and I really don't mind,

  2. then she knit's some.

  3. At this point she either messes the pattern (no hard lace patts for Mom thank you LOL) or drops a stitch or two.

  4. Mom brings it back to me

  5. and I fix it for her. Like I said Mom's eyes have seen better days (excuse the pun) and it's much easier for both of us if I just fix it LOL.

  6. Mom gets it back and works some more till another boo boo occurs

  7. Mom brings it back to me

  8. and I fix it again.

This is the Dance. This continues on till Mom's finished a pair of socks. In fact Mom is finishing lots of socks. Me? well I tend to spend my time fixing Mom's socks and not working on my socks when Mom is over, and Mom's been over a lot lately. But more on this some other time. I will post pics of Mom's socks too.

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