Saturday, May 19, 2007

Good Bloggy Morning

Yes I am back, back the next morning. Now you can pick yourself up off the floor and continue to read my update! ROFL

My Husby LOVES hand knit socks Aren't I the lucky knitter? I have made him a number of pairs of socks during my absentia from blogland. Good thing for me he doesn't love sweaters huh?

After the Sassy Stripes socks, I chose to use Camo Bernat Sox to make this pair for him. (Socks to the left, stitch detail to the right)

Next in line was this pair of socks again in Bernat Sox ( I was gifted some from a wonderful friend and hit a clearance when they were selling out the last of it down a the mill ends store)

Now if I had a memory I could tell you what pattern I used ... or sometime I might go and look it up, but not now, sorry, but notice the garter stitch short row heel and garter stitch toe. Very nice to knit up and my husby says very nice to wear as well. There are still no holes in these socks, and as you can see by the pics that they have been well worn, so I must report that the garter stitch heel and toe wear as well as a heel flap. And they look really cool too!

Then there was these. This is the Columbine pattern from Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi Husby took me to Cloth and Clay last summer and treated me to some goodies (my first Addi circ and a few other goodies) so I treated him to his own choice of whatever sock yarn he wanted for socks for himself. (Of course I made him pay for it all *snicker, grin*) He chose Meilenweit Mega Boots yarn by Lana Grossa in colouway 712. (Yes GOOD taste)

I enjoyed doing this pattern very much. Simple lace or should I say openwork as this is a guy's sock.. LOL was fun to do. I haven't knit lace in a long long time and my husby just loves his socks. I ask him again and again what pattern he would like for his next pair of socks and he keeps referring back to his Columbines!

Gotta go untangle a skein of sock yarn that I tried to ball up in a rush the other night. All I ended up doing was causing a tremendously horrid mess of it all. I refuse to take a pic of the mess as it would so totally embarrass me to have anyone out of my house knowing how badly I mangled a *good* ... *extremely good* skien of sock yarn. I promise to tell and show you what it is but not until it's balled and looking as it should. Ta for now.

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