Saturday, May 26, 2007

Jan 2007 Update

After New Year's had come and gone I got back down to business. Since I was going back in hospital for more surgery ( I actually had three surgeries from November/06 to end of January/07) and my old slippers I used during the first surgery had huge holes in their bottoms I set out to make me new hospital slippers. I make a nice sock style slipper using my Knifty Knitter Loom. I use an acrylic bulky yarn, two strands held together to make a nice dense and soft, very thick slipper that wears like iron. I knew I would have a number of days in hospital and months of recuperation after the upcoming two surgeries and bought some new flannel PJ's to lounge and knit in. The pair I chose to take to hospital with me are my bright pink Jammies that are covered in white sledding polar bears wearing red toques! So obvious choice of colour for my new slippers was of course fuzzy purple! Very cool hospital attire donchathink? Sorry I can't find pics. I must have forgotten to take them. Not that it it an excuse but I really wasn't feeling well that day.....

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