Sunday, May 27, 2007

On to March, Marchin' right along...

Teaching my son's girlyfriend got me back in the mood to do a bit of crocheting. Finished projects in crochet were Pretty Dishcloth, an internet freebie pattern and I did it in an orange/yellow pink veri cotton with blue edging. Fire Blossom 9- inch Dishcloth. Again an internet freebie pattern in pink/white veri cotton again with blue trim. As I was working with Girlyfriend teaching her pattern reading by this time, I had fun with it but didn't get many finished objects done this month. I did a Grandmother's Favourite knit cloth as I was just feeling the need to do it. I used a lime green/ blue veri cotton for this one.

Missing my knitting, hit home with the cloth, and I was well enough, just barely, to hear my sock wool calling to me again.

I have the most wonderful surgeon in the whole world. I have every confidence in her as a doctor and she is just a very caring and extremely nice person. She took such awesome care of me during my illness and surgeries and all she did in return is call me a trouble maker. Ok I give her that one, I did get really, really sick, and if i had just gotten better without all the complications then I wouldn't have hogged so much of her time! LOL. She really is wonderful and caring and I really appreciate the extra time she has given me. When I had my first surgery in November, she saw my slippers and loved them and I made her a pair too. She said they were perfect and that she really loved them when I gave them to her.

I really felt since she went the extra mile for me, that I needed to do more than just a pair of slippers this time around. I decided she needed a pair of hand knit wool socks, and I needed to make her a pair of hand knit wool socks to say thank you to her. This is how the Little Shells Mini Sock-a-long, with Nicole and I, got started. I used Socka in 'blau tweed' colour 1049 and 2.0mm needles.
They turned out quite lovely in my opinion and my Doctor said she loved them. I they were very worth making.

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